Best Franchise Sales Leads

Targeted Leads for Franchisors

Best Franchise Sales Leads - Targeted Leads for Franchisors

Our Leads

When we say that Best Franchise Sales Leads generates the best leads available we mean just that. Calling them leads isn’t enough. Our leads are the best franchise candidates.

We are the best because all of our leads are:

Call Verified: We don’t send you anyone that we have not spoken to live on the phone. You know you are getting a real person with real financial assets and real potential.

Financially qualified If you get the candidate it means they met your minimum liquid capital requirement and has your specific net worth level.

GEO Targeted Best Franchise Sales Leads can give you the best GEO targeting—by specific state, county or even zip code– to insure that your candidates are ready to buy where you have an open opportunity. We do this for no additional charge.

The Steps We Take To Insure You Get the Best Franchise Candidates

Step 1: We accumulate contact information of those that are interested in your franchise opportunity category, using our proprietary technology.

Step 2: We match our data with the profile you identified as your best candidate for financial viability as well as geographic area.

Step 3: We call each contact live on the phone to confirm their contact information.

Step 4: We verbally verify their financial resources and their interest in your franchise-offering category.

Step 5: We send only the candidates that pass the verbal verification on to you.

The next step is entirely up to you. Click here for more information.